Counseling for Kids

How do I know if my kid needs counseling?

I encourage parents to seek counseling for their child when they notice changes in behavior, eating habits, sleeping patterns, or academic performance. Just like in adults, changes in these areas indicate a child is struggling with something that feels outside of their control. 

Parents and other adults sometimes wonder if a child's behavior is "just" attention-seeking. While kids definitely need attention and care from their parents, often, the behaviors that cause parents the most concern are actually signs of a child feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do with those emotions. If you aren't sure, please call me and we can talk about the behaviors your child is displaying. 

What issues do you treat?

Are parents involved in counseling?

Yes! I want to meet my client's parents/caregivers before working with your child. Our working relationship is beneficial to your child's health and well-being.  I understand that your child is with you for many more hours in a week than they are with me. Your child will find healing more quickly when you are actively involved in the therapy process. Often, this means working on parenting strategies at home, not attending therapy sessions. 

How do you get kids to talk to you? 

I don't push it, honestly. Some kids are talkative immediately. Others need more time and space. I'm okay giving your child what s/he needs in a timeframe that feels comfortable and safe for them.  

You will likely hear about playing games and drawing, if you hear any thing about our sessions at all. Some kids like to keep their sessions very private. If your child tends to like his/her privacy, after session you can ask, "How was that for you?"  This is better received by most kids than "What did you talk about/do?"