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Seeking counseling can be one of the scariest and bravest choices you will make on your journey to overall wellness. I am happy you're here. Perfectionism and anxiety have often been a soundtrack playing in the background throughout life in some people. Does that sound like you? When life transitions occur, (new school, new work, loss of significant person, loss of a significant relationship) people often find themselves grasping for some sense of control, which is when they notice anxiety being in the foreground. 

I understand that you may not have ever called your experiences "anxiety" and that is okay. Whatever you call it, I understand the drive to do things well and have trouble winding down or relaxing. I will help you manage your personal expectations so that you will experience fewer disappointments. I will provide a safe relationship in which to discuss topics that are often uncomfortable to discuss within the context of other relationships. I look forward to hearing your story and helping you untangle yourself from the beliefs about who you are that are no longer serving you well.