Counseling Across the Lifespan

Struggles and challenges do not have an age limit. I have experience working with clients from young children to retirees who have managed to learn new ways of coping and untangling from the thoughts and behaviors that limit them. 

I offer play therapy and EMDR to children ages 5-12 years old. I will incorporate developmentally-appropriate cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques into my sessions with kids. 

Clients will learn emotion vocabulary to better help them communicate their needs to their caregivers and practice pro-social behaviors in a safe environment.  Kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD will also work on executive functioning skills in session to practice at home and school.

The teen years can be so difficult! This season includes changing friendships, discovering personal values, and setting a course for adulthood. During this season, teens' brains are growing as rapidly as their bodies.

 Teens often struggle with impulse control and other executive functioning skills (even without an ADHD diagnosis), so you can expect we will spend time practicing the skills that are lacking. 

EMDR therapy can be used to process previous trauma or  address symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Parenting is hard! I assume you're doing the best you can with the tools you have available to you. The problem is, sometimes we don't have the right tools. I'm here to help you problem-solve for the behaviors in your home that are most difficult for you. I want you to feel confident in your parenting strategies and enjoy parenting again!

Parent coaching can be done as a part of individual therapy of a minor or separately. 

Let me guess, life isn't going exactly how you imagined it. There has been struggle and disappointment. Maybe there has been heartbreak and grief. 

Often, clients come to me because the tools they have to deal with life's uncertainties haven't been enough to cope the new struggles. This doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. It only means you haven't dealt with this type of challenge, yet. I use talk therapy and EMDR to help you reach your goals for living fully.