Has having children increased your anxiety?

Having children increases the work and stress load in the home. Sometimes, people need to question the expectations they have been carrying in order to find peace. Sometimes, having children triggers a parent's own childhood wounds. There's healing for this so you can parent in a way you want.

Have you noticed your world getting smaller?

Anxiety serves to keep us safe. Sometimes, it is right and helpful. Other times, anxiety over-exaggerates and causes us to begin avoiding people, places, or situations. If you've noticed you have fewer "safe" experiences now, we will work together to slowly expand your world again. 

Are your close people tired of reassuring you?

Seeking safety is a common behavior among those with anxiety, which makes sense since so much of the world feels unsafe. Sometimes, relationships can suffer when one partner is regularly seeking reassurance from loved ones. This can sound like:

You can gain control in order to calm your anxiety and save your relationships from this pattern of interaction. 


Does your kid complain of an upset stomach or visit the school nurse often? Does your child tend to avoid busy or social situations? 

If you've noticed a change in your child's typical eating habits, sleeping patterns,  academic performance, or other behaviors, it may indicate a child is struggling with something that feels outside of their control. 

Are parents involved in counseling?

Yes! I want to meet my client's parents/caregivers before working with your child. Our working relationship is beneficial to your child's health and well-being. Your child will find healing more quickly when you are actively involved in the therapy process. Often, this means working on parenting strategies at home, not attending therapy sessions. 

What does a session look like with kids?

You will likely hear about playing games and drawing, if you hear any thing about our sessions at all. Some kids like to keep their sessions very private. If your child tends to like his/her privacy, after session you can ask, "How was that for you?" 

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