What can I expect in therapy?

Are you in-network with any insurance providers?

No, I am considered an out of network (OON) provider. I am able to provide you a superbill for services received at Sunflower Counseling Center. Please check your OON benefits before scheduling. 

What is a superbill?

A superbill is an itemized "receipt" that shows your insurance company a diagnosis (required by all insurance companies) that you are currently working on for healing. The system I use for billing automatically produces a superbill and sends it to you monthly. 

Can I use my HSA card? 

Yes! These are processed like other debit/credit cards and can easily be kept on file for billing. 

How can I save money on therapy?

I have partnered with Mentaya to help you save money on therapy. If you have out-of-network benefits, Mentaya will handle everything with insurance to make sure you get your money back. They charge a 5% fee per claim and have helped people get thousands of dollars back per year. You can sign up here:  https://app.mentaya.com/register?p=ELwENidQ2DkKANTP9NIm

What are your rates?